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EST.  1  OCTOBER  2023


Welcome and thank you for visiting Omicron Nu Xi Military Sorority, Inc. “ONΞ” and Omicron Nu Xi Military Auxiliaries, Inc., “ONΞ AUX” and organization of ONΞ.


We are happy and pleased that you are showing an interest in our unique and prestigious military organization.  


What makes our organization different from other military sororities?  Our organization is family oriented and inclusive of youth, non-military women, and men.  We take pride in knowing that our family and friends support ONΞ’s mission, vision, and goals just like they did when we were or still are serving.  


ONΞ is dedicated to serving and educating.  We have a training program for youth ages 5-18, and a mentorship program, seminars, and workshops for adults.  


Our standards are high!  We are seeking individuals who has the same mindset as ONΞ!  If you are ready to join an elite military sorority with professional military women or one of our exclusive auxiliaries for youth, non-military women, or men, please feel free to register and attend one of the “Informational Meet & Greet” zoom meetings and/or fill out an online application.


Again, thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you soon!


Judith L. Cotten

Founder & National President

Judith L. Cotten is the Founder and National President of Omicron Nu Xi Military Sorority, Inc. (ONΞ).  She envisioned an organization that’s inclusive, the total package, “Family”!  Her thought process is, we had/have our family with us while we were/are serving, so why not have them by our side now.  Family is essential and our support system!  Family is the reason why we do what we do and the reason why we successfully accomplish our mission.  Hence, the ONΞ organization is inclusive of our Youth, Women’s, and ...

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