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ONΞ"s foundation is solid and staffed with licensed professional members that are committed, prepared, and ready to forge a solid working relationship with the citizens in our communities while serving with a servant heart.

If you have a servant heart along with a desire to make this world a better place starting with your community, then this organization will be a perfect fit for you. 

We look forward to your support and working with you with this tireless, yet worthy endeavor!

Diakoneo 'To Serve'

Judith L. Cotten is the Founder and President of Omicron Nu Xi Military Sorority, Inc, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., National Secretary for the National Association of Black Military Women, Inc., and an active member of other Veteran organizations. She enjoys community service, traveling, shopping, and making momentous time with family & friends.  Judy resides in Jonesboro, GA, and has one adult son, Dequan. 


Judith L. Cotten

Meet Our Founder


We, as members of Omicron Nu Xi Military Sorority, Inc. unite our sister-in-arms, amidst our common bond to serve our communities while exemplifying the customary principles on which all branches of the armed services were founded.  We are committed to providing unparalleled leadership, support, and mentorship that enhances and empowers the complete family…youth, women, and men.  ONΞ’s focus is health, social awareness, mentorship, philanthropy, and fostering a global network alliance to bridge the gap and build partnerships in our civilian and military communities.

Omicron Nu Xi Military Sorority, Inc. (ONE) is an unwavering sorority established to aid the civilian and military communities worldwide while forging relationships with dignity, honor, and respect.



ONΞ is a newly formed military sorority founded by Staff Sergeant (Retired) Judith L. Cotten on October 1, 2023. She solicited and inducted 74 veteran women, 23 non- military women, and 18 youth on October 28, 2023, to assist her with making her vision of serving others a reality.

ONΞ is comprised of quality veteran women and inclusive of our auxiliaries’ youth, non-military women, and military and non-military men..."Family" who understands the mission, vision, and goals set forth. Together, we shall make an impactful difference in our communities. A family that works together shall accomplish great works!

  • Stop the bullying!

  • Coach and empower women and men.

  • Respect and Protect your body, mind, and soul.

  • Financial literacy.

  • How to leave a legacy.

  • Wealth building.

  • How to earn, save, & grow your money via real estate, insurance, stock, & 401k, etc.

  • Entrepreneurship.

  • Just to name a few.

Seminars, Workshops, & Motivational Training includes:

Scope of community service includes:

  • High School, College, and/or Vocational 

        School Scholarships.

  • Back to school supplies.

  • Coat, blanket, and clothes drive.

  • Holiday baskets.

  • Mentor Youth.

  • Adopt Senior Citizens.

  • Sponsor Living Assistance facilities.

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